the last time i posted was like, 3 months ago.. woah! a classmate told me that i looked like someone who would have a tumblr..? do i really have such charisma of a harajuku girl? ( ;´Д`)

I think i won’t be staying in tumblr any longer.. the internet in general are really disrespectful to the artists community. But i have been rather active on instagram; my friend urged me to get it…

Taru!! i want to work an illustration for this but there may never be the time… x„„x

more downloading from youshikibi’s blog! Shiina Ringo is goddess… x„,x


"人の心” PSYCHO-PASS OST composed by Yugo Kanno

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Huang Yi-Lin, 2009

❝i feel small; but so are stars from a distance.❞
- ten word poem, i.   (via allan-poe)

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MOTHER (マザー)

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